Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, how absence makes the grow fonder!

My wonderful husband is away this week on a business trip to New York and I miss him. Sometimes if feels good to get a little alone time but a whole week without him makes me realize just how much I love being with him. I spend my days looking forward to him coming home from work, making dinner with him (like yummy homemade pizza), and watching our favorite reality cooking shows... Chopped, Next Food Star Network & Hell's Kitchen.

Now that we're married, we are often asked, "How's the married life?" and it really is great! I love being with my husband and my favorite part of everyday is when I get to cuddle with him as we fall asleep. Oh how I miss him!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

The Evolution of an Invitation

I love making invitations for special events especially when it involves weddings! Last week I put together the invitations for my cousin's wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
STEP 1: The Sketch
I started the sketch after going to the craft store and picking up some paper and stamps. I wanted to use cardstock for the background, print the text, add a couple of embossed stamps in the middle and decorate with patterned paper.
STEP 2: Trial and Error
I put the text together and did a few practice prints to make sure the spacing was correct. I ended up using less stamps than originally planned because I was afraid it would be tough to wrap the text around the stamps. Looking back, I think I would've been more daring and stuck to my original idea.
STEP 3: The Final Touches
After printing the text, I embossed the '&' with green powder, added the torn patterned paper to the top and bottom of the card. STEP 4: Pass 'Em On
Send these invites to guests about 3-4 weeks before big event to ensure that all the wedding party will be available to participate at the rehearsal.