Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time to Blog!

The wedding is over and I'm going through withdrawals!! My friend Lydia, from Elle Cee's Cake Boutique, has been quite an inspiration to me the last couple of months... I used to be an avid journal writer, even when I was in grade school, and since college I've gotten away from it. Lydia has advised me that I need to get with the times and blog! So, here I go! (Thanks Lydia! ;)

Where do I start? Here's my first mission... during the wedding planning process, I had hoped that I would journal about all the emotions, planning details, reactions, up/downs, etc. as they happened but I didn't :( So, before I forget about all of the 'little' stuff, I'm going to blog about it, in detail, from start to finish. I can start with this - I absolutely loved planning our wedding! It has made me realize some of my passions for event planning and crafts, and I hope to build this blog into a site for other brides to get ideas, help, or relief in knowing that all the stress, chaos, excitement, anxiety... is part of the process so enjoy it!