Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding 'Bible'

This binder was my lifeline for the months leading up to our wedding and now it needs some serious TLC. I will slowly sort through it and as I do, there will be much to blog about. So much good stuff - Flowers, DJ, Budget, Gift Ideas, Videographer, Rentals, Pictures and more!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little scrapbook therapy

I talked to my good friend Lindsey the other night and she turned me on to another blog that does a themed entry once a week. Since I have prescribed myself some scrapbook therapy, I think a weekly layout would be productive & healthy for me and hopefully fun for you.

On my scrapbook table right now - Getting my wisdom teeth pulled! Look for the layout later this week.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Save the Dates!

We sent our Save the Dates out shortly after the 2009 holidays so our guests received them about 4 1/2 months before the big day. I know all the wedding timelines say that StDs are supposed to go out 6-8 months before the wedding but it definitely took longer than we had anticipated to get them designed and collect all the addresses. We used our engagement photos from our first shoot for the front of the postcards which were designed by Sophie from the Mike Larson Team. We mailed them as postcards, without envelopes, and I used some silly polar bear stamps (the only 28 cent stamps I could get at the Watsonville post office). We ran into some problems with writing on the back because the glossy finish would not allow any inks to dry on it so... I had to print all the addresses on clear labels which took a little longer than I wanted. In the end, I think they turned out great and I love the idea of sending out Save the Dates so guests can get one more taste of the bride and groom's personsalities.

Quick Tips for SAVE the DATES: 1. Start on guest list asap and start collecting guest addresses 2. Put a return address on StDs so if they find their way back to you - you know you have the wrong address 3. Stamps for postcards are only 28 cents (vs. 44) 4. The cutesy wedding stamps are hard to find at the post office but you can find them online at, just remember that these can be $$