Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Gifts

Chase's Favorite: Nexgrill from Mom & Dad Renois (got it at Home Depot) and we bbq on it all the time now... great excuse to have friends over!

My Favorite: My new Dyson vacuum from Mom & Dad Renois... greatest vacuum ever! But a close 2nd is the new juicer from Alice and Luis

Our Favorites---
Most Thoughtful: Gift card to the Ritz-Carlton from Britt and Nishan... we know where we're going to celebrate our 1 year anniversary :)
Sexiest: Stripper pole from my cousin Laura... seriously, she gave us a stripper pole!
Yummiest: Snickers, Lindt chocolates and peanut butter M&Ms from the Corzine family
Handmade: A precious green and purple quilt from Monica
Personalized: 'R' wine glasses from Val & Aaron... the first batch we received had a broken glass so instead of exchanging them, Pottery Barn sent us a whole new set so now we have 11 personalized white wine glasses... the more the merrier, right?
Other Greats: The wine cooler from Albie and Marli (now if only we could find a bar to put it on), coffee maker we bought at Macys with our gift cards, the wok from my cousin Craig - it makes amazing stif fry, all the great bar gear - Rabbit wine kit and cocktail shaker from Dick and Dana and the ice bucket from the DeRoses, and the new washer and dryer from Mom and Dad Walker!

Biggest Upgrades: *Absolutely the towels from the Tassey family, Eric & Tammy and KJ & Clint - we were still using the towels Chase got for his birthday from his mom when we were in college *The Oneida silverware from the Donohoe family - we were using an old set that I had inherited when I moved into a new place after my sophmore year of college *Last but not least is the drain stopper - we don't have a garbage disposal and we were in desperate need of a new sink stopper... guess it's a good thing we got about five of these goodies (from Target).
Two of my favorite things about getting wedding gifts are 1. Everytime I see something in my home that someone gave us for our wedding, I think of that person - such a great reminder of the people in our lives and 2. I was thoroughly impressed at how thoughtful the gifts and cards were from our single, male friends - I always thought only guys w/gfs and wives knew how to shop and write sweet sentiments but the boys proved me wrong with their exceptional gift giving skills.

THANK YOU to everyone for the awesome gifts and most importantly for the love, support and ridiculously fun wedding!

Gift Giving Advice for Guests-- Buy stuff off the couple's registry lists and if you can't do that then give gift cards. Also, put the card on the inside of the gift wrap or tape the card to the gift like it's going to be dropped out of an airplane - otherwise, the bride and groom might be giving someone else the credit for your gift... which reminds me, who gave us the steam mop? I love it so thanks!

Gift Advice for the Bride and Groom-- As you open your gifts, make a list of everything you receive and who it's from so you know what to write in your thank you cards.