This Bride's Advice

A little bridely advice about the stuff that goes with the sweets ---Cake toppers don’t have to be limited to two little people but can be something super personal. Check out Etsy for some neat ideas. And don’t forget to find a cake serving set… it’s traditional to have your names and wedding date engraved on the serving utensil but again, you can do whatever seems best for you and your new spouse to be. That’s all the *sweet* talk I got for you tonight.
My advice on sending wedding thank you notes is:
1. Use the list you created when opening your gifts and remember to keep track of who you've sent cards to so that you don't forget any guests
2. Handwrite your notes and keep them personal
3. Mail them within 3 months of the wedding date
4. Send Thank You Notes to all guests that attended (whether you received a gift or not)
5. Try to keep the cards formal... but I really like the picture cards too!

Gift Giving Advice for Guests -- Buy stuff off the couple's registry lists and if you can't do that then give gift cards. Also, put the card on the inside of the gift wrap or tape the card to the gift like it's going to be dropped out of an airplane - otherwise, the bride and groom might be giving someone else the credit for your gift.

Gift Advice for the Bride and Groom -- As you open your gifts, make a list of everything you receive and who it's from so you know what to write in your thank you cards.

Quick Tips for SAVE the DATES: 1. Start on guest list asap and start collecting guest addresses 2. Put a return address on StDs so if they find their way back to you - you know you have the wrong address 3. Stamps for postcards are only 28 cents (vs. 44) 4. The cutesy wedding stamps are hard to find at the post office but you can find them online at, just remember that these can be $$